I specialise in making 18th century gowns and accessories, based on the most up-to-date and reputable historical research available today. All my work is 100% hand sewn using historical construction methods*. 

Every item that you commission is made bespoke to suit your needs, whether it’s for historical re-enactment and living history or garden parties and themed balls.

Prices for designing and making your garment(s) will vary according to type and complexity but please review Guide Prices below. 

You will need a good pair of stays that fit you well, for any garment with a bodice (so, all gowns and jackets). If you are thinking about ordering a gown but don't already have stays, then please do get in touch sooner rather than later so we can remedy that before we start work on your gown. (I can give you a discount on the stays if you order at the same time as your main garments.) This is because the cut of each part of an 18th century bodice (whether from a pattern or custom-drafted or draped) is not designed to fit a modern body shape. Please don’t sell yourself short by planning to wear the silk ball gown of your dreams over modern underwear! You will only be disappointed and that's the last thing either of us want.

Fabrics will need to be obtained in good time before your agreed slot in my order book.  I am always happy to research, advise and help source fabrics (indeed, I love being involved in this preliminary part of the process).

I can help source jewellery, hats, shoes, wigs, makeup etc, as needed to complete your look and ensure a consistent, high-quality presentation.

* Historical construction methods cannot be done by sewing machine. Yet they are much more efficient than modern construction methods! So while machine sewing can save *some* time for certain tasks, it won't save as much time overall as you might think and the necessary substitution of historical methods with modern ones means you won't get the correct period look. The results from sewing everything by hand using historical techniques speak for themselves: meet the standards of even the most stringent costuming communities, at prices that are competitive with costumes made by machine. 

Guide Prices

Below are examples of the items I can make for you. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, so if you want something you don't see here, please do ask! 

These prices are merely guides. Your project quote will be individually tailored to you and the garment(s) I am making for you.

My quote will include, as appropriate, my time and resources for: 

  • consulting with you about your wishes and requirements,
  • conducting research (up to 5 hours),
  • sourcing appropriate fabrics
  • pattern drafting
  • making a mock-up, and 
  • carrying out a fitting with you (either in person or by video call) 
-- all before any of the fabric for your order is cut! 

Prices do not include fabric, as these will be chosen specifically to meet your needs and your budget, which will vary for each client.  

Full Terms & Conditions are  here. If you need any changes to be made to these, please discuss before confirming your order.


Gowns (petticoats & stomachers quoted separately; please also see note below regarding trim)

  • Robe à l'anglaise - from £650
  • Robe à la française - from £1,000
  • 'Italian Gown' (closed centre-front bodice) - from £500

Jackets (petticoats & stomachers quoted separately; please also see note below regarding trim)

  • Standard Caraco (quarter panel back with skirt/peplum and cuffs, front closure either pinned or laced, fully lined) - from £250
  • Pleated-back jackets, e.g. Casaque, Pet-en-l’air, Casaquin, Pierrot (fully lined) - from £300 

Petticoats to co-ordinate with Gown or Jacket (and cut/shaped correctly for appropriate skirt support) - from £150

     (Plain petticoats not intended to be worn over skirt supports,
     i.e. for working classes, are available separately -- please see my 
     ' Made To Order' page.)


  • without boning - from £50
  • boned - from £100
  • embroidered - add £150
  • trimmed - price to be agreed, please see note below
Shift (aka 'chemise')

  • early to mid-century (sleeves with stroke gathered shoulders and cuffs) - from £250
  • late-century (plain sleeves)- from £175

Stays (available with front and/or back lacing)

  • partly boned - from £750
  • fully boned - from £1,000

    ** 25% discount available for stays ordered in combination with a gown commission **

Skirt Supports e.g. Bum Rolls, False Rumps, Pocket Hoops, Paniers - from £50

      (The type of skirt support will be determined by the
      shape needed for the petticoat or gown of your
      chosen style and time period.)


A Note About Trims:  The trim for your gown or jacket will be designed and made bespoke for you, and the price calculated and added to the base cost of your garment. You can have as little or as much trim as you want! The range of possibilities in terms of colours, designs and degrees of historical accuracy is very broad. However, as a general rule, the truly period correct options (whether original or good reproduction) can be very expensive and in some cases what you may want may simply not be available, anywhere or at any price. Deciding on trims may be an ongoing process to be researched and agreed with you during the entire scope of your project. In other words, you may wish to wait on making final decisions on trims until the gown itself is nearly finished and you've had a chance to see it on you during a fitting. Or you may have a clear vision from the beginning of a trim style that may require time to source, in which case we may need to get started on researching it before I have begun making the garment. This entire process will be fully discussed and agreed with you to ensure we can manage the project smoothly without unnecessary delays.