I don't remember learning to sew. I do remember watching and helping my mother when I was a child. Everything nice that my younger sisters and I wore -- especially for special occasions -- was made by my mother. By the time I was in my teens, I was making a lot of everyday clothes for myself. At age 14, I signed up for a sewing class -- not because I needed tuition but because I needed access to a sewing machine without competing for my mother's at home! I was not a particularly fashionable teenager back in the 1980s but I was a perfectionist and it's only with hindsight that I can give myself credit for making clothes I was not embarrassed to wear in public. I was an extremely "bookish" adolescent, with my nose (and head) usually buried in fictionalised accounts of times gone by.

After graduating from high school, sewing fell by the wayside as my salary mostly went to financing my trips to Europe and I never seemed to have a space of my own large enough for an activity like sewing. Yet the fascination with history and historical fashion never left me. 

Fast forward to late 2017 when I realised I was becoming disenchanted with my London legal career, indeed with the day to day reality of working for others rather than for myself. Luckily I was in a position that I could "pack it all in", reacquaint myself with the joys, challenges and satisfactions of sewing. I took the plunge into making historical garments a full-time occupation just before Christmas 2017.

My main passion is the period of approximately 1730 up to 1790, though I am also intrigued by the fashions of the Stuart court, the English Civil War and the Restoration. I am not much interested in the fashions that developed after about 1790 with the rise in waistlines. Personally, I do not feel those silhouettes are flattering to very many women! 

I am more interested in real people and real lives than I am in cosplay and fiction, so if you're looking for the outfit to turn you into the ultimate Claire Fraser or Demelza Poldark.... wouldn't you prefer to be transformed into the heroine of your own 18th century story?

I offer my skills and vision to help make your 18th century costuming dreams a reality.