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Hello and Welcome! ​

Who I Am and What I Do 

I am Rebecca Olds, founder/designer/dressmaker at Timesmith Dressmaking. I grew up in Oregon (USA) and have lived in the United Kingdom for over 20 years. You can read more about me here.

I specialise in the reproduction of historical fashions of the British Isles, particularly between 1730 and 1790. 

I have a special interest in Scottish history and am pleased to offer historically accurate garments for living history and re-enactment activities associated with commemorations of key Hanoverian/Jacobite battles, such as Sheriffmuir, Preston, Glenshiel, Prestonpans and Culloden.

If you wish to celebrate your own Scottish heritage when you attend 18th century commemorations, I am happy to create otherwise historically accurate garments for you in 'your clan tartan'. (Please be aware that clan-specific tartans were a 19th century invention from the Romantic and Victorian periods so, while your Clan Society would love to see you flying your colours, your garments may not meet historical re-enactment/living history group requirements.)

I also love creating historical interpretations of film/TVcostumes. For example, if you want to dress as Claire Fraser or Delmelza Poldark  had they been real people in the 18th century, I can make that happen!

Want your own as-close-as-possible replica of an original gown you've seen in a museum? Or want your own interpretation of a glorious confection in a painting?  Get in touch -- together we can design your own "stepped out of a painting" look. 

Please see my " Bespoke" page for details on what I can make for you, along with Guide Prices.

Current Projects

​You know this dress… you love this dress! But what do we really know about Isabella MacTavish Fraser’s famous tartan wedding dress from 1785?

Join us this June at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, as a team of historical dressmakers creates a faithful reproduction of this iconic and quintessentially Scottish gown from the 18th century.

Photo by Ewen Weatherspoon. Reproduced with permission of Inverness Museum & Art Gallery.​

A Few Projects from 2018...

Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more details including step-by-step photos and comments on patterns and construction.  My Gallery page has full details on selected projects as well.  
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